The Rowan: building our apartment

              Some photos & notes

the Rowan at 47

We're adding an apartment. It is called The Rowan.

the name

How to say “Rowan” 

‘Row’ rhymes with ‘Wow’.
This is the Scottish pronunciation.
It is therefore correct.


The Mystical Rowan

Variously known as the Mountain Ash, The Tree of Life and the Traveller's Tree, the Rowan is said to have magical properties. It protects against malevolent beings and it saves those on a journey from being lost. It symbolises courage, wisdom and protection. Rowans are members of the Rose family and its bright red berries have been sacred symbols of blood and protection for thousands of years.


Tree love

Most people have a tree that they love. Often it has ties to home and family. The Rowan is the Celtic Tree of Life. It was E'beth's special family tree in Scotland where she was born. A pair of entwined Rowans grew at the home of her grandparents. Every Hogmanay the two favourite aunts sang a duet - the Rowan Tree, a Scottish ballad. This song was often sung by the Kirkintilloch Junior Choir as it toured around the UK and E'beth was a member of the choir in the forties and fifties. Now nearing dotage, and sentimental, E'beth ponders home and hearth and the protection of the family. She got naming rights on the apartment. 

team rowan

Project Manager

It could only ever be Greg Hill


Accent on Building Group Raoul Harrison

Design Consultant

Our very own irrepressible Shelley Howells


Interference contributed by Ebeth McKendry